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Hybrid Home Heating Systems

Why buy just an Air Conditioner for your home? Hybrid home heating systems offer homeowners a new, more efficient way to heat & Cool their homes. Even better, hybrid heating systems are more comfortable than conventional systems. Let me explain how hybrid heating systems work and why you should consider one.
Once you understand, I'll bet you'll want one for your family.
In fact, I know you'll want one!

From Hybrid Cars to Hybrid Heating:
Hybrid heating systems are like the hybrid cars everyone wants.
Hybrid vehicles use 2 energy sources, usally gasoline and electricity. And while everyone acts like the concept of hybrid heating is new, it isn't.

The electric research Institute started pushing hybrid heating (known as duel fuel) in the 1980's.

What is "New" is a broad acceptance of the concept. Until recently, few people were interested in paying a little more up front for a hybrid vehicle. After all, gas was abundant and cheap, but now record gas prices have consumers snapping up hybrid vehicles off dealer lots faster than they can be built.

Even though hybrid heating has not recieved the same press as hybrid vehicles, the use of duel fuel heating is on the increase.

Like hybrid vehicles, hybrid heating systems use a combination of fossil fuels and electricity.

People buy hybid cars because they are economical to operate and are better for the environment. Homeowners opt for hybrid heating systems for the same reasons. Plus, hybrid heating systems are significantly more comfortable than conventional heating systems.

Hybrid Heating Systems are more Comfortable:
Hybrid heating systems use electric heat pumps during cool weather and furnaces during extreme temperatures. As a heating contractor, I hear plenty about the comfort of each type of heating system.

When it's cooler, people like heat pumps more than furnaces. Heat pumps deliver a consistent ''mellow" heat that most people prefer.

Furnaces by contrast, deliver intermittent blasts of hot air during mild weather.

Of course, when it gets really cold people prefer furnaces. They enjoy the toasty feeling of the higher temperature air a furnace provides. Because heat pumps deliver lower temperature air than furnaces, heat pumps can feel drafty during extremely cold weather. If it gets cold enough, heat pumps can't keep up with the heating demand. They need a boost from the expensive supplemental resistance heat.

Hybrid heating systems use each type of heating technology where it's most comfortable. When it's chilly, the system operates off electricity and delivers the heat pump's steady, mellow heat. When it's really cold, the hybrid system automatically switches to the gas or oil furnace for it's warmer, toasty air.

Hybrid systems offer the ultimate in comfort. Even better, hybrid systems cost less to operate.


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