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Solar Hot Water Heating

Nutmeg Mechanical Services now installs Solar Water Heating. Call for a site visit or visit our showroom in Connecticut.

Made from strong borosilicate glass, the EOS Twin Glass Evacuated Tube has become the industry benchmark for efficiency and reliability. Essentially it is made by placing one glass tube inside another, fusing both ends together, and then the air between them is removed. The rugged outer layer is highly transparent, allowing the solar radiation to penetrate into the inner tube with a minimal amount of reflection. We have applied a special coating to the outside of the inner tube that prevents the collected energy from escaping. Because of this selective surface, and the extremely high insulating value of the vacuum between the tubes, over 94% of all energy absorbed is retained.

Inside the inner tube, the collected energy warms the Absorber Plates. These plates transfer the energy to the Heat Pipe. Within the sealed Heat Pipe is a nontoxic liquid that boils at 84° F. The boiling liquid turns into steam and travels up into the Condenser Bulb at the tip. Here, the steam releases it's heat energy to a transfer fluid that circulates back down to your hot water storage tank. Because the steam has cooled, it converts back into a liquid and falls back down to the bottom of the Heat Pipe where the process continues until all of the available energy within the Evacuated Tube has been extracted.

If you have been paying attention, you know that an overwhelming majority of scientists and governments now agree that human activities are causing changes to the Earth's climate. The release of large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere is magnifying the natural greenhouse effect, resulting in rising sea levels, an increased global temerature, and more frequent instances of flooding, violent storms, and drought.

Most CO2 emissions come from burning increasingly expensive fossil fuels - coal, oil, and gas. The price we pay for fuel is based upon unstable global conditions, and there is no doubt that they will progressively become more and more expensive. In 2006 alone the U.S. witnessed an incredible 30% increase in energy costs.Energy comes at a very high price, and it can be measured in more ways than just money. It has become a political, ecological, and ethical issue that can finally be resolved by you, in your own home.

By installing an EOS Solar Thermal Collector you will be saving money, and doing your part to help reduce the overall costs we all pay for energy.

15 Year Limited Warranty

A revolutionary new product for existing homes and businesses as well as new construction.

  • Reduces your annual hot water heating costs by as much as 80-100%.
  • Dramatically decreases your dependency on fossil fuels.
  • Eliminates a significant portion of your household CO2 greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Provides a quick payback, with an actual return on your investment, while adding equity to your property.
  • Simple, reliable, maintenance free operation.

EOS Solar Thermal Differential Controlle
Model: EOS-2461

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